• Tuesday, March 20, 2012
  • Super Short($14)
  • Short($29)
  • Feature($44)


  • Tuesday, June 12, 2012
  • Super Short($19)
  • Short($34)
  • Feature($49)


  • Tuesday, September 04, 2012
  • Super Short($24)
  • Short($39)
  • Feature($54)


  • Friday, November 09, 2012
  • Super Short($29)
  • Short($44)
  • Feature($59)


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"Thank you for the feedback. This alone helps your competition stand head and shoulders above a lot of other screenplay competitions out there."

~Sean Ryan Posted :09/29/2010

"GC was one of the first competitions I entered with my short scripts centering around ordinary people in Baghdad during the war. The response and feedback I received from (Erica and Monica/the competition) encouraged me to not only continue writing fulltime but to enter other competitions -- 'Kiyala' placed Second in GC's Cycle V and has won the 2007 Bronze Brad from Movie Script Contest, First Place in the current Writers Place Short Screenplay Competition, and placed in the Top Three for Best Short Script in the 2007 Queens International Film Festival. This competition provides enormous value for such a small entry fee! Personal responses, insightful feedback, and tremendous publicity for the winners and finalists. This is one of the rare competitions where you can actually have your work produced by a professional team. Again, for the price of the entry fee."

~Kimberly Coleman Posted :09/29/2010

"Thank you for the incisive (and positive) feedback on my script, World Enough. In very succinct fashion, you managed to give me a concrete direction to take the rewrites in. Given the lack of other short screenplay competitions and high level of judging on your part, it would be the first place I would submit a rewritten version of this script. Thank you again"

~Daren Foster Posted :09/29/2010

"My super short won 2nd place in Cycle VII so, of course, I'll be prone to positive feedback. But the fact is this was a great experience for me. I've been entering script contests for six+ months and had won a TV Pilot contest last August but have yet to receive the "prizes". GCSC sent theirs out very quickly. What I also liked was that Erica kept me updated along the way, a real personal touch. Plus, there aren't that many competitions that offer a venue for short/super short scripts. And now they're adding feature lengths. So something good is getting better. Feedback in any creative art form is subjective. One competition's gold is another one's garbage. While I always appreciate and listen to feedback, and even apply it on occasion, it's not the primary reason I enter contests. Exposure is."

~Louis Farley Posted :09/29/2010

"My super short made the semifinals for Cycle VII. I received my feedback in a timely manner. It was a good experience though they did push the announcement date back. I plan on entering this contest again in the future."

~Lizz-Ayn Shaarawi Posted :09/29/2010

"I submitted a script into Cycle VI. This is the fourth time I've entered it and I am very happy with the competition and the organizers. The feedback is helpful and you don't wait forever to get it."

~Phil Clarke Posted :09/29/2010

"My short screenplay 'Kiyala' won 2nd Place in Cycle V and my other short 'revolutions' was a Finalist. I have entered many competitions with my scripts and this was very professionally run, replies were prompt and courteous, and the feedback was helpful. I had previously hired a highly recommended script doctor for an early feature I had written, but the feedback from Gimme Credit was more insightful and well worth the entry fee, than that of the script doctor. I would highly recommend this competition to screenwriters, it is an excellent challenge and the entry fee is one of the lowest, especially for competitions sending feedback (check for comparison)."

~k coleman Posted :09/29/2010

"This was my first entry in their Short Short division and I landed 3rd place. They were very supportive and professional. And the 1 year subscription to WinningScriptPro was a great prize."

~N.J. Reese Posted :09/29/2010

"These people were so sweet!! I did not realize that they wanted certain things and not as long as I did mine. They told me about it and asked me if I wanted my money back. I told them to just throw mine away. They said: Really? I said “Yes!” Well, that was done. Some people don’t tell you anything, keep your money, and you just don’t win. Too bad for you. The lady in “Gimme” was sweet."

~Connie Tonsgard Posted :09/29/2010

"Sincere. Knowledgeable feedback. Dedicated to getting scripts produced."

~James Ossi Posted :09/29/2010

"My experiences with the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition have been great. The feedback was extremely helpful as well. This is a truly professional and respectable contest."

~Ben Fiore Posted :09/29/2010

"This has been a great experience with the Gimme Credit Screenplay Competition. The communication has been grea"

~Mark A. Daniels Posted :09/29/2010

"I just wanted to thank you for your efforts. I am new to screenwriting and the whole contest circuit. The experience with Gimme Credit has by far been the best I have encountered. I especially appreciate the feedback you and your judges provided. While many contests promise this aspect, few deliver and even fewer deliver to the degree that you do."

~Will Eill Posted :09/26/2010

"The Gimme Credit International Screenplay Competition is run by professional industry people who demonstrated a genuine respect for the craft. The feedback was exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it. Well played, Gimme Credit, well played."

~Ann Morse Posted :/2011-12-12/

"Awesome feedback! The judges' suggestions for improving my short script are the most helpful I've received from any competition this year. Many thanks!"

~J. Jeff Hillard Posted :12/14/2010

"I just wanted to send you an update about my script, 'Santa's Little Helper'. After winning your supershort competition, it has now being selected for this year's Visionfest 5x5 competition, and it will start shooting in NYC in a couple of weeks ( Also, after winning a subscription to thanks to you guys, I got a writing job through them- adapting a couple of books into treatments, so I wanted to thank you all."

~Sara Bovolenta Posted :05/04/2011

"I received my prize for second place in the super short category. I got helpful feedback from two different judges, a tee shirt with the Gimme Credit logo, a free years subscription to Moviebytes, actually tacked on to the year I already have and they sent me a brownie. (Yeah, weird but it tasted good.)All in all, I'm glad I took the plunge and entered. Hopefully this will get more people interested in my scripts."

~Thomas Herring Posted :09/ 29/2010

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